Thank you for beta testing TagAcam!

It’s a big moment for us – live testing of our very first app! We are really excited to hear how you get on testing – letting us know of any bugs you find, what you like, what you don’t like and what features you’d like to see to make TagAcam a truly amazing road safety aid. 

The app you will download and test is not the finished product – that’s why we are looking for your feedback.  We LOVE feedback! And we want you to help shape TagAcam. We have hundreds of ideas about features and settings we could include, but we want to know what you think and what you’d like to see. You can contact us here, or email us directly at any time, with any thoughts you have about TagAcam.

Important instructions

About Tags

The TagAcam community isn’t looking for alerts to every bump and bend — we all just want to know about the big things that might catch you out, or would help the next rider. That’s where Tags come in. If you see something important, tag it. We’ll examine each location to see if we can code the best possible voice description for this.

We’ll email you over the next few weeks to ask for your postal address so we can send you a SmartButton – then you can really start to Tag!

Google Play email address – if you can’t see TagAcam on Google Play, it’s likely that your email address isn’t registered there. If your Google Play store email address is different to the one you used to sign up, please email us with both (old and new) and we’ll add this for you.

Countries available during beta testing:

  • UK
  • Ireland
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Israel
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Type of coverage:

  • Live mobile traps – community sourced
  • Live road hazards – community sourced
  • Fixed speed cameras
  • Stored mobile sites (UK only)
  • Limited safety locations

Known issues:

Speed limit display: We recommend using OSM in the UK and either in the US or Australia/New Zealand. This current speed limit data is provided by third party suppliers; we do not currently gather this information ourselves. We are testing various suppliers of this data at the moment to identify the most accurate.

Current speed will change from green to orange during normal driving if you exceed the current speed limit. The current speed will change to red during an alert if we store the speed limit in our database.