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by | May 29, 2019

Hands-free is best!

This interesting Australian article warns that “drivers could be breaking the law by using a popular app that requires users to touch the screen while driving”.

Touching your screen when driving is highly distracting, especially when you have to tap it multiple times to describe which type of hazard you are sharing.

That’s why we developed TagAcam, which pairs with our unique hands-free SmartButton and lets you share all types of road hazards safely and easily with one click. It lets you keep your attention on the road, where it belongs. Our GeoTag portal lets you define your shared hazards at the end of your journey, when it is safe to do so.

2018’s Worst Red-Light Runners

Red light running can be extremely dangerous, as countless examples show.

TagAcam gives you safety alerts as you approach intersections that have a history of red light running across your direction. It can give different spoken alerts depending on your direction of travel.

Here are some examples from Verra Mobility (American Traffic Solutions, ATS)

Rainbow airplane

Google Earth images occasionally show some very interesting images, like this plane caught in the satellite photograph of New York when the Trinity database team were adding alerts for a dangerous intersection.