Welcome to TagAcam!

You’re now just 4 steps away from being able to
Click. Share. Ride Aware!

TagAcam installation instructions
Step 1 - Install the Flic SmartButton app

Our SmartButton is made by Flic… get the Flic SmartButton app here


Click install, then read and accept the permissions

You can now open the Flic app and sign up

Make sure Bluetooth is on and follow instructions to add your new SmartButton

Then you are ready to install TagAcam…

Step 2 - Install the TagAcam app

Get TagAcam here

Click install, then read and accept the permissions

You can now open the TagAcam app and ‘grab your Flic’

Step 3 - Grab your Flic within TagAcam

Go to Settings in TagAcam and scroll down to select Flic button

If you have multiple Flics installed you just need to click the one you want to use for TagAcam and the on-screen Flic will bounce.

Tap it and you’ve grabbed your Flic! 

Step 4 - Add the TagAcam display widget to your home screen

What is a widget?

A widget displays information from an app directly on your home screen and allows you to easily access the app features at any time. TagAcam uses a widget as a mini display, so you will always be able to see and access useful data without searching your phone to locate an app.


How to add a widget

Press and hold a blank area on your home screen to install a widget (or follow your phone’s instructions)

Tap the widget icon

Swipe until you find the TagAcam widget and tap and hold the widget to move it to your home screen


You’re now ready to use TagAcam –  just tap the power on icon to Click, Share, Ride aware!