Installing TagAcam

TagAcam is available free for 7 days on Google Play – download now!

After 7 days you can subscribe for just £3.99 per month or £29.99 per year so you can choose to use it just for biking season or in the car all year round. There are no hidden ‘in app’ purchases with TagAcam and no intrusive advertising – you have full access to all TagAcam’s features.

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Adding your SmartButton

You’re now just 3 steps away from being able to
Click. Share. Ride Aware!

Step 1 - Open the TagAcam app


Open TagAcam!

Step 2 - Add your SmartButton

In Settings, tap ‘Add SmartButton’

Step 3 - Click your SmartButton

Click your SmartButton to pair with your phone.

That’s it – you are ready to Click, Share, Ride aware with the TagAcam community!

click once to drop a SafetyTag and alert others to a road hazard in real time
double click to confirm an active speed trap in real time
hold to let everyone know the threat has gone

And that’s all you need to do… audio alerts are given through your smartphone and you hear them via a Bluetooth headset or earphones on a bike, or you can also see the alerts on your phone in the car.

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