What do the alerts sound like?

Here are some sample alerts so you can get to know what to expect when you are on the road. And if you can already hear these through your headset, you are good to go!

Trinity alerts used by TagAcam describe the type of alert, what the alert is for and additional details about the alert (if required).

“Safety alert, live road hazard” describes community reported hazards (One click of the SmartButton). The Trinity database team then examine each hazard and incorporate as a longer term safety alert if required.


“Safety alert, pot hole under the bridge” is a community report that has been incorporated into the Trinity database.


“Warning, live alert new” is used for live sightings of mobile traps.


“Warning, live alert a while ago” mobile trap alerts will change over time to let you know when it was last reported.


“Attention, speed camera around the next bend, limit 40” helps you keep your attention on the road, where it belongs.