I’ve already got sat nav/Tom Tom/Waze so why would I want this?

TagAcam is unique. Not only does it give you more detailed speed camera alerts than any other app, it is also the first app where you can legally let your group know in real time what’s happening on the road ahead. All with just the click of our SmartButton.

  • Each click you share lets your community know what’s coming up.
  • Each click someone else shares gives you an alert before a live mobile trap.
  • Each click helps you to avoid hazards and speeding tickets!

Each and every click helps to create the best possible database of safety locations, active trap sites and fixed speed cameras for you.

Thousands of different possible voice alerts – TagAcam’s detailed voice descriptions are specially designed to help you pinpoint the exact location for each alert.

Multi directional alerts – TagAcam can give you different alerts for each location, tailored for your direction of travel. So you’ll know if a camera could issue a fine, or if you just need to pay extra attention to potentially dangerous cross traffic being monitored in a different direction.

Verified alerts – fixed speed and red light cameras are individually verified by our Trinity database team. Community alerts are continually rated by each user who passes. Long term safety alerts are incorporated into the Trinity database by our experienced team.

Hands free, simple, legal operation – TagAcam links to our wireless SmartButton** and lets you share and verify alerts without ever touching your Smartphone.

You can use your sat nav or Waze at the same time if you like, but you can’t report or verify hazards and mobile traps on them when you are riding. TagAcam finally allows you to engage with the rest of the biking community in real time. 

Why not trial TagAcam free for 7 days alongside your current app and see how it compares.