TagAcam frequently asked questions

The TagAcam app

What is TagAcam?
TagAcam is the innovative GPS speed & red light camera app for both bikers and drivers that additionally includes community sourced, real-time safety alerts for all types of potentially hazardous locations. Add the SmartButton to legally, safely & easily share new locations and verify alerts.
Is it legal?
Yes, of course.

TagAcam is fully legal in all the countries where we promote, including the UK, USA, Australia and most of Europe. TagAcam uses the same technology as traditional sat nav products. But it is also the first app that allows you to engage with other riders in real time, using our new SmartButton connected wirelessly to the TagAcam app. You keep your Smartphone in your pocket or under your seat (or even in the glovebox of your car) and our detailed audio alerts keep you informed. Simply clip the SmartButton to the handlebars of your bike or the dashboard or steering wheel of your vehicle and click it to confirm existing alerts and share new reports. You don’t need to touch your phone at any time, or even look at it, so you are not breaking any laws.

Some countries restrict the use of any type of device that lets you know where speed cameras are. These include Sat Nav units (Tom Tom / Garmin / etc), GPS speed camera locators, smartphone apps, radar detectors and laser jammers.

France: You are allowed to be notified of a dangerous area, but not of an exact camera location.

Germany: It is not permitted to use any device that will tell you where speed cameras are. But enforcement varies from region to region.

Switzerland, Turkey, Cyprus, Macedonia: It is not permitted to use any device that will tell you where speed cameras are.

Can I use TagAcam in a car?
Yes! We hope that you do.

You can use TagAcam in any vehicle. And it’s easy to transfer the SmartButton to use if you are driving, or you can just tap the phone screen if you are a passenger.

If you want to keep your Smartphone in your glovebox or pocket when you are driving, you can hear audio alerts through your car’s Bluetooth audio system or even a dedicated Bluetooth speaker.  The latest phones allow you to connect just TagAcam’s audio to a speaker, so you aren’t interrupted by other phone notifications or calls.

How do I change my subscription?
It’s easy to change your subscription to TagAcam

Android users – view your Google Play subscriptions to modify, update payment details or cancel your subscription. You can view our  step by step instructions here.

The Trinity database

What is the Trinity Database?
We’ve been developing our Trinity database since 2003. It contains all current speed and red light camera alerts for many countries around the world.  Our global database has been verified by the Trinity team, who also communicate directly with agencies such as local police departments and local governments.  We do not rely on 3rd party information and every user reported safety or camera location is subsequently verified by ourselves.

Our Trinity database already includes static speed and red light cameras, point to point speed cameras, safety locations, stored mobile sites, school and park zones (for certain countries) and is used in our own SpeedCheetah products and licensed to a number of other manufacturers for use in their products.

Not only does TagAcam download and store the Trinity database to your Smartphone, it also lets you to share live road hazards and mobile traps in real time using the innovative new SmartButton that can mount just about anywhere.

Who are Cheetah?
Cheetah have been been making award winning speed and red light camera detectors since 2003. You can read more about us and our history here.
Which countries does the Trinity database cover?
Please visit our coverage page for details of which countries are included in the Trinity database of speed cameras, red light cameras and safety locations.
What do you do with all the clicks?
Clicks remain anonymous, but we have some very clever people who know what to do with all the clicks 🙂

Live mobile trap reports will be removed a maximum of 6 hours after the last confirmed report, or sooner if the community report that it has gone.

Live road hazards will be removed after a few days or months, depending on what has been reported. For example, a pot hole or uneven road surface lasts longer than a spillage.

TagAcam alerts are continually rated by each user who passes and long term safety alerts are incorporated into the Trinity database by our experienced team.

Does there have to be a large number of people using the app to make it worthwhile?
There already is. A major benefit of using TagAcam is that you are automatically entitled to Trinity Membership. The Trinity database already covers fixed cameras, mobile sites and safety locations around the world.

Any new clicks are shared almost instantly, so you’ll get the benefit even if you’re just travelling alone or in a small group. And the best roads are always popular, so it doesn’t take much to build up a picture of what’s happening.  

But most importantly, we have you and the ever growing TagAcam community who love to Click and Share. Of course every single additional contributor enhances TagAcam for everyone, so be sure to tell your friends.

How does TagAcam work?

How will I get the alerts?
The TagAcam app runs on your smartphone and talks with our servers to give you up to the minute live mobile trap, road hazard, safety and fixed camera alerts.

The best way to get these detailed alerts on your bike is to hear them through a Bluetooth headset or an earphone (check local laws).  Of course you can see the alerts on your phone too, but we feel it’s safer to keep your eyes focused on the road. 

Drivers can see and hear alerts on your Smartphone.

You can report and verify new and existing alerts ‘hands free’ using our SmartButton or passengers can simply tag by tapping the screen.

What do the alerts sound like?
Glad you asked! Here are some sample alerts so you can get to know what to expect when you are on the road. And if you can already hear these through your headset, you are good to go!

Trinity alerts used by TagAcam describe the type of alert, what the alert is for and additional details about the alert (if required).

“Safety alert, live road hazard” describes community reported hazards (One click of the SmartButton). The Trinity database team then examine each hazard and incorporate as a longer term safety alert if required.


“Safety alert, pot hole under the bridge” is a community report that has been incorporated into the Trinity database.


“Warning, live alert new” is used for live sightings of mobile traps.


“Warning, live alert a while ago” mobile trap alerts will change over time to let you know when it was last reported.


“Attention, speed camera around the next bend, limit 40” helps you keep your attention on the road, where it belongs.

I wear earplugs when I’m on my motorbike so how would I hear audio alerts?
There’s a whole range of earplugs that can also connect directly to your phone so you’ll be able to wear earplugs and still hear alerts.
I don’t want phone calls when I’m out on my bike. Can I switch them off?
TagAcam’s audio is controlled by your phone’s Media volume control.

If you don’t want to be disturbed by phone calls, you can simply set your Ringtone volume to zero. You can also set your Notifications volume to zero (for text messages and push notifications). 

The latest Samsung smartphones have a feature called “Separate app audio” that allow you to connect just TagAcam’s audio to a Bluetooth headset, so you aren’t interrupted by other phone notifications or calls.

How far in advance will I get a warning?
You will hear alerts in plenty of time, when you need them.

For live mobile traps, the warning distance can be up to 30 seconds. For pot holes and other safety alerts, it’s closer to 10 seconds. For fixed camera alerts, the alert distance depends on your speed and local road conditions. Our trained team will set the best alert distance when updating locations within the Trinity database.

How do I know TagAcam is running when I’m riding?
You can switch on a monitoring tone from the Settings page and choose how often you’d like it to beep  to let you know TagAcam is running.
What if someone incorrectly tags a location as a speed trap?
If you think someone has incorrectly tagged a location as a speed trap, you can hold the SmartButton for a second to request removal.  If you just want to adjust the exact camera location a little, you can click once at the correct spot.

The Trinity database team verify every fixed location and add micro details to enhance the alert if required. They ensure the integrity of the data and will educate against continued false reporting where necessary.

How will I know when a live mobile trap was last seen?
Live mobile traps have 4 levels of alert intensity that reduce over time.

  • 1 – less than 5 minutes ago
  • 2 – 5 to 30 minutes ago
  • 3 – 30 minutes to an hour ago
  • 4 – between 1 and 6 hours ago.


Frequently reported traps transfer to the main Trinity database and are classified as “stored mobile sites”. You can choose to switch these alerts off.

I already use my Bluetooth headset for the phone/music and/or navigation so how will I hear the TagAcam alerts?
If you have already paired your phone with your headset, you don’t have to do anything else. You’ll hear TagAcam alerts alongside your calls, navigation instructions or music.

If you haven’t yet paired your phone with your Bluetooth headset, it’s easy to do. Please refer to the instructions that were supplied with your headset.

Or if local laws allow, you can just plug in a set of earphones and you’re all set.

Will I constantly hear alerts while riding?
TagAcam alerts are designed to inform only when necessary. 

How does the SmartButton work?

How do I report a live speed trap?
We’ve got a tiny new SmartButton that connects wirelessly with the TagAcam app, so you can now engage with your community to verify all types alerts and confirm what’s on the road ahead. Simply attach it to your handlebars, helmet or dashboard in the car, then…

click once to drop a SafetyTag and alert others to a road hazard in real time

double click to tag live speed traps in real time

hold to remove a tag and let everyone know the threat has gone

How does the SmartButton communicate with TagAcam?
The SmartButton uses low power Bluetooth to communicate with your phone. 

It’s clever enough to work alongside any other Bluetooth devices you already use and it won’t restrict you from pairing new Bluetooth devices in the future.

How long does the SmartButton battery last?
The SmartButton battery will last for a couple of years of normal use.  If you are an active user, we’ll replace this for you when the battery runs out.
Do I need to switch the SmartButton on and off?
No – it just works!  The SmartButton uses low power Bluetooth and is always on and ready to click.
Can I move the SmartButton between bikes and other vehicles?
Yes! It’s so easy to move and use the SmartButton wherever you are going or however you are travelling.  Just take it with you and stick it in or on the new vehicle. 

Why would I need TagAcam?

I don’t want any distractions when I’m out on my bike so why would I want to hear alerts?
Worrying about road hazards, live mobile traps and fixed speed camera sites are distractions in themselves. The TagAcam community share locations of pot holes, spills, dangerous bends and other road hazards that might cause you to take avoiding action, so you avoid uncessary surprises.
I don’t speed so why would TagAcam be useful to me?
Downloading TagAcam means you are kept informed of what’s coming up on your journey – road hazards, safety locations, live mobile traps or speed cameras. Whether it’s a heads up to a tightening bend, high risk accident area, or even just drifting over the speed limit – TagAcam lets you know when there’s a potential threat so you can keep safe and legal.

TagAcam alerts are direction specific, so you’ll know just what to look out for, such as an intersection with a problem of red light running in another direction. 

You also have the option to let your group know what’s happening on the road ahead just by clicking our SmartButton.

How does it help me if I’m the first one at the live mobile trap site?
TagAcam uses the Trinity database, which stores the locations of frequently used mobile sites.  Active traps on popular routes will be well covered by earlier riders, but if you are first on the scene you can Click, Share and feel good knowing you’ve helped out the wider community.

We also monitor our database carefully, so if we’re getting the same mobile trap verified over a period of time it will become a stored mobile site as part of our Trinity database.

I’ve already got sat nav/Tom Tom/Waze so why would I want this?
TagAcam is unique. Not only does it give you more detailed speed camera alerts than any other app, it is also the first app where you can legally let your group know in real time what’s happening on the road ahead. All with just the click of our SmartButton.

  • Each click you share lets your community know what’s coming up.
  • Each click someone else shares gives you an alert before a live mobile trap.
  • Each click helps you to avoid hazards and speeding tickets!

Each and every click helps to create the best possible database of safety locations, active trap sites and fixed speed cameras for you.

Thousands of different possible voice alerts – TagAcam’s detailed voice descriptions are specially designed to help you pinpoint the exact location for each alert.

Multi directional alerts – TagAcam can give you different alerts for each location, tailored for your direction of travel. So you’ll know if a camera could issue a fine, or if you just need to pay extra attention to potentially dangerous cross traffic being monitored in a different direction.

Verified alerts – fixed speed and red light cameras are individually verified by our Trinity database team. Community alerts are continually rated by each user who passes. Long term safety alerts are incorporated into the Trinity database by our experienced team.

Hands free, simple, legal operation – TagAcam links to our wireless SmartButton** and lets you share and verify alerts without ever touching your Smartphone.

You can use your sat nav or Waze at the same time if you like, but you can’t report or verify hazards and mobile traps on them when you are riding. TagAcam finally allows you to engage with the rest of the biking community in real time. 

Why not trial TagAcam free for 7 days alongside your current app and see how it compares.

What about phone signal and data use?

What happens if I go through a tunnel and lose GPS reception?
If you click the SmartButton in a tunnel after losing GPS and phone signal, TagAcam will buffer and send this when you exit the tunnel. The TagAcam community will then be warned at the start of the tunnel.  
What happens if I lose phone signal?
If your phone signal drops, TagAcam will buffer any clicks and they will be sent when the phone signal returns. And you will still be alerted to any live mobile traps downloaded prior to signal loss.  

The Trinity database of fixed locations around you is stored on your phone and doesn’t require a constantly active phone signal to alert you to fixed cameras, stored mobile sites and safety locations.

How much data allowance does TagAcam use?
TagAcam downloads and stores all the nearby fixed camera and safety alerts on your phone when you switch it on. To minimise mobile data use, you can do this over WiFi before you begin your journey.

TagAcam only updates fixed cameras if you travel a considerable distance, or if there are any recent updates to the cameras near you. Live road hazards and mobile traps are continually refreshed to your phone during your ride. The actual amount of data allowance used will depend on this frequency and the number of real time reports in your vicinity.


Who supplies the "current speed limit" value?
We use two suppliers for the “current speed limit” displayed at the top left of the screen. This is the current speed limit for road you are travelling on.

You can choose between OSM (Open Street Maps) and Google for the current speed limit display.

Our preference is OSM as we’ve found them to be more accurate. All the alerts like hazards and speed cameras from our own database and live tags are community sourced from you and fellow TagAcam users.