Switch on TagAcam before you start to drive and it will alert you if you approach a known hazard or speed camera.

You can optionally purchase the SmartButton to interact with the TagAcam community in real time to report and verify any trap alerts you come across.

TagAcam SmartButton is easy to install in your car

How does the SmartButton work?

Our new SmartButton easily attaches to your dash or steering wheel using the reusable sticky backing and connects wirelessly to the TagAcam app.

It’s really easy to connect to your phone and you only need to do this once.

Just click “Add SmartButton” in the settings menu, then click your SmartButton. That’s it!

Click. If you see a road hazard, one click drops a SafetyTag that alerts others following behind. Double click to tag live speed traps. Hold to remove a tag and let everyone know the threat has gone.

Share. Live reports are automatically shared within the TagAcam community via your smartphone.

Drive Aware. Advance knowledge of all speed traps up ahead lets you drive safe and drive aware.