TagAcam is the innovative GPS speed & red light camera app that additionally includes community real-time safety alerts for all types of potentially hazardous locations.

Hear detailed audio alerts of what’s coming up on the road ahead. Use the SmartButton to interact with others in the TagAcam community in real time. TagAcam is the first interactive speed trap and road hazard warning system that you can successfully use on your bike!


The TagAcam SmartButton is easy to attach to your bike

So how does the SmartButton work?

Our new SmartButton easily attaches to your handlebars and connects wirelessly and simply to the TagAcam app via Bluetooth.

It’s really easy to connect to your phone and you only need to do this once.

Just click “Add SmartButton” in the TagAcam settings menu, then click your SmartButton to pair. That’s it!

Click. If you see a road hazard, one click drops a SafetyTag that alerts others following behind. Double click to tag live speed traps. Hold to remove a tag and let everyone know the threat has gone.

Share. Live reports are automatically shared within the TagAcam community via your smartphone.

Ride Aware. Advance knowledge of all speed traps up ahead lets you ride safe and ride aware.