TagAcam® is the world’s first hands-free road hazard sharing app.

Verified speed camera, red light camera and safety locations from the global Trinity® database combined with real-time, local community reports provide an accurate, up to the minute picture of the road ahead.

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Trinity database alerts + SmartButton community reports

Timely, audio road safety alerts on a bike and also visually in a car.

Designed for cars and bikes

For cars and bikes

High quality, detailed and descriptive voice alerts means you’ll hear what’s happening on the road ahead on your bike. Colour coded visuals lets you instantly see the type of alert without distracting your attention from the road.



Alerts to road hazards

Alerts to road hazards

Potholes, spills and other road hazards are shared by the community in real time, so you can avoid both them and potential damage to your vehicle.

Alerts to speed traps

Alerts to speed traps

Sightings of active speed traps are shared and confirmed by our community in real time, so you always have up to the minute alerts. And you have instant membership to our most advanced Trinity database that contains all types of fixed speed cameras, stored mobile sites and safety locations. 

View tags and feedback

View tags and feedback

One click of the SmartButton drops a SafetyTag that alerts others behind to a road hazard. Double click to Tag and share live speed traps. Hold to request a Tag is removed. During an alert, one click agrees with the alert, hold to disagree.

Edit tag descriptions

Edit tag descriptions

Using our GeoTag feature you can view and edit your Tags at the end of your journey to update the community with the exact type of hazards ahead. 

Plan and save offline journeys

Plan and save offline journeys

Plan your journey in advance and sync with TagAcam to ensure you have all the latest alerts, even if you are offline in remote areas with poor signal.


Unique SmartButton

Unique SmartButton

Add the SmartButton to safely and easily share hazards and speed traps in real time. It simply attaches to the left grip of your bike or sticks to the back of your steering wheel and lets you Tag without touching your phone!



TagAcam benefits


Legal and safe to report and verify hazards

In the UK, it’s not legal to touch your phone when driving – you can get 6 penalty points and a £200 fine.

The situation could even turn much worse if you are distracted by tapping the phone’s screen 4 or 5 times to select and report a hazard on a different app.

TagAcam is fully hands free, simple and legal to interact with via the SmartButton, designed for both bikes and cars.

Edit and create Tags, view history and more

Using our GeoTag feature, you can view and edit your Tags, create new Tags, see all your feedback history and save alerts for offline journeys.

So you can drop a SafetyTag immediately and update its description when it’s safe to do so.

You can access GeoTag via your phone, or via a computer.

Effective on bikes

Detailed audio alerts means you get all the required information without taking your eyes off the road – keep your phone in your pocket and turn off the ringtone if you prefer.

Professional, detailed alerts

Unlike navigation companies that offer basic speed camera alerts, we focus entirely on creating an easy to use system with an advanced level of alerts and user options.

TagAcam gives high quality, detailed and descriptive voice alerts with colour coded visuals, including multi-directional alerts that are specifically tailored for your direction of travel.

Advanced average speed camera alerts

Average speed is calculated between each pair of cameras within an average speed zone and you will see and hear if your average speed exceeds the limit within the zone.

Stored mobile sites

Stored mobile sites – optionally alerts when approaching commonly used speed trap sites.

On your bike – sample audio alerts

Here are some example audio alerts so you can get to know what to expect when you are on the road. And if you can already hear these playing through your headset, you are good to go!

Trinity alerts used by TagAcam describe the type of alert, what the alert is for and extra micro details about the alert (if required).

Live speed trap

by The TagAcam Community | "Warning, live alert new" is used for live sightings of speed traps.

Diminishing alerts

by The TagAcam Community | Live speed trap alerts change over time so you know when it was last verified. "Warning, live alert a while ago" is one of 5 diminishing alerts describing live speed traps.

Pothole under the bridge

by The TagAcam Community | "Safety alert, pot hole under the bridge" is a SafetyTag that has been ehanced with micro detail.

Speed camera

by The Trinity Database Team | "Attention, speed camera around the next bend, limit 40" helps you avoid surprises and lets you keep your attention on the road, where it belongs.

In your car – audio options

Many phones allow you to play TagAcam’s audio from your phone speaker even if your phone is connected to your car’s audio system. It’s a great way to hear TagAcam’s alerts without interfering with the way you normally use your phone in the car.

For newers Android phones, visit Settings > Sounds and vibration > Advanced sound settings > Separate app sound. Now you can select TagAcam to play through your phone speaker, or even a dedicated Bluetooth speaker if extra volume is preferred.


All about Tags

What are 'Tags'?

‘Tags’ are locations that have been shared by the TagAcam community. As soon as a Tag is shared, anyone who approaches that location will receive an alert.

There are two types of Tags:

1) A ‘SafetyTag’ alerts to safety hazard as they approach. (Single click of the SmartButton.)

2) A ‘Live’ tag alerts to live sightings of speed enforcement. (Double click of the SmartButton.)

How do Tags work?

When a new Tag is created with the SmartButton, it is uploaded immediately and is instantly ready to be downloaded to all nearby users.

When it is safe to do so, you can edit your Tags via our GeoTag portal, to add descriptions and other details and better inform the community.

If you are viewing TagAcam’s speedometer and current speed limit information, creating a new Tag will additionally pop up a selection of preset descriptions so you can quickly define the type of hazard. We only recommend touching your phone if you are a passenger.

What if I make a mistake?

If you make a mistake you can delete your Tag within 10 seconds by holding the SmartButton for 1 second or tapping cancel on screen.

You can also edit and delete Tags via the GeoTag portal accessed from the Settings page.

How does my feedback help?

Every time you give feedback, it helps to improve TagAcam.

With enough feedback we can inform safety organisations of recurring road defects and let you know which roads are best to ride on. We can build up a picture of where are when enforcement is likely to happen. And everyone can help each other stay a little safer on the road.

Will I hear an alert every time someone Tags a hazard?

Once a Tag is created, app users will be alerted only as they approach that location.

During an alert, the SmartButton automatically switches to Feedback mode. One click agrees with the alert, hold for a second to disagree. So no duplicate Tags are created and the feedback helps us keep database right up to date. Feedback options are also available on screen.

Importantly, a double click will always Tag a new live speed trap, even during another alert.


How do you know if a hazard is gone?

Feedback lets us know quickly if a hazard has gone. Tags also have a built in expiry date that varies depending on the hazard. For example, a pot hole is likely to last much longer than a spillage. Alerts can be extended with positive feedback, or removed with negative feedback. Longer term safety alerts like tightening bends are incorporated into the Trinity database by our experienced team.


Additionally, the audio description of live speed trap alerts will change over a 6 hour timeframe, so you’ll know how long its been since the last sighting.


The Trinity database

Cheetah Advanced Technologies Ltd first began curating the Trinity database of speed camera and safety locations in 2003 and are now a world leading expert in road safety information, running and maintaining databases of road hazards and camera locations in over 70 countries around the world.

Verified alerts

Fixed speed and red light cameras are individually verified by theTrinity database team. Safety alerts are reported and re-verified by the active community in real time.

Multi directional alerts

TagAcam can give alerts tailored for your direction of approach. So you’ll know if a camera could issue a fine, or if you just need to pay extra attention to potentially dangerous cross traffic (that a camera was installed to prevent).

Micro alert detail

TagAcam’s detailed voice descriptions are specially designed to help you pinpoint the exact location for each alert, making audio warnings much easier to understand.

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