How much data allowance does TagAcam use

How much data allowance does TagAcam use?

To minimise data transfer on the move, TagAcam pre-stores all the fixed camera alerts on your phone and only updates the nearby live mobile alerts as you ride. 

You can choose to update the fixed camera database automatically when a new database is available. Or you can wait until you have a WiFi connection.

Nearby live mobile traps are continually refreshed to your phone during your ride, and you can adjust this frequency if you wish. The actual amount of data allowance used will depend on this frequency and the number of live mobile traps in your vicinity.

TagAcam only downloads live mobile traps near to you when you are travelling, to minimise data usage. 1 Mb of data would equate to around 20,000 live mobile trap traps, which would take a very long time to encounter!

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