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At Cheetah we believe in looking after our customers, and making sure that you have the best driving safety system the industry has to offer.

We started as a family business in 2003 and offer a complete service that combines expertise with the latest industry innovations. We built up our reputation through word of mouth and pride ourselves on trying to exceed expectations.

It’s important to us to deliver an efficient and helpful service that will cover your global driving safety needs, whether it’s making sure you have all the latest updates, sending out a new product or answering your queries. And as one of the longest running companies in the industry, we want you to know you can rely on us.


A bit about our history


Early days 2003 to 2006

In March 2003 we launched our first product, the Radar mirror. This was a unique design of radar and laser detector that clipped over the rear view mirror. After the success of this we created the GPSmirror in 2005 which was in response to technological advances in GPS speed camera location. In 2006 we developed the VizAlert which offered motorcyclists the ability to see radar and laser alerts through a wireless heads up display mounted in the rider’s line of sight. Both the GPSmirror and VizAlert could display radar and laser alerts from our own detectors and also other manufacturer’s units (such as Escort, Beltronics and Valentine One).

Developing our business 2007 to 2014

In 2007 we launched the C100 which catered to our customers’ returning desire for a dash mounted device. The C100 retained all the connectivity of our previous products. In 2009 we launched our first dedicated GPS unit, the C50. This went on to be awarded ‘Recommended 2012’, ‘Commended 2013’ and ‘Best buy of 2014’ by Auto Express magazine. Our main focus during this time was gathering customer feedback and building our Trinity database to increase our global coverage, as well as cementing partnerships with our international distributors and data companies.

New innovations in 2015

In February of 2015 we launched the C150 – this was a product designed to demonstrate the benefits of our enhanced data collection methods and our Trinity 2.0 database. We continued developing our data collection techniques and channelled all our product feedback and feature requests to create our most tailored, compact and innovative device, the C550, which fully showcases our Trinity database. Launched in September 2015, our C550 has been awarded ‘Best buy of 2016’ by Auto Express magazine in their annual speed camera locator test.


What’s next?

We are bursting with ideas to ensure TagAcam remains the best possible solution of its kind.

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