TagAcam is the first real time, interactive speed trap warning system that you can successfully use on your bike.

TagAcam switches on automatically when you start to ride and will alert if you approach a known speed trap or camera.

You can optionally purchase the SmartButton to interact with the TagAcam community in real time to verify any trap alerts you come across.

So how does the SmartButton work?

Our new SmartButton easily attaches to your handlebars and connects wirelessly to the TagAcam app.

It’s really easy to connect to your phone and you only need to do this once.

Click. One click lets the community know a live mobile trap alert is new or still active. Double click to confirm a fixed camera alert. Hold to let everyone know the threat has gone.

Share. Live mobile traps are automatically shared within the TagAcam community via your smartphone.

Ride Aware. Advance knowledge of all speed traps up ahead lets you ride safe and ride aware.

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