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TagAcam gives real time mobile speed trap alerts plus fixed speed and red light camera alerts on your Smartphone. Add the SmartButton to legally, safely and easily share new locations and verify alerts.

Live mobile speed traps are shared and reconfirmed by everyone who passes them in real time, just by clicking our SmartButton, so you never have to touch your smartphone. In addition, TagAcam stores the Trinity database of all known fixed speed and red light cameras on your phone and alerts you if you approach one. This means you have live reports of every type of nearby speed trap wherever you go.

Bikers – hear alerts via a Bluetooth headset or earphones connected to your Smartphone. Keep your phone in your pocket or under the seat.

Drivers – see and hear alerts on your Smartphone. Verify alerts ‘hands free’ using our SmartButton (passengers can use the screen).

TagAcam is the latest innovation from Cheetah. We’ve been making award winning GPS speed and red light camera detectors since 2003.

TagAcam packs in all of our of experience and industry knowledge, enhanced by our customer’s clever feedback over the years. It is our most advanced and feature packed creation to date.

Benefits for you

Live mobile speed trap alerts – every click confirms to everyone what’s up ahead. All new clicks are shared almost instantly so you’ll get the benefit even if you’re just travelling alone or in a small group. And the best roads are always popular so it doesn’t take much to build up a picture of what’s happening.

Hands free, legal operation – using the clever wireless TagAcam SmartButton, you can confirm and share new and existing live speed traps at the click of a button. You don’t need to touch your phone at any time so you’re not breaking any laws and you don’t need to worry about unlocking your screen as you will still see and hear alerts on your smartphone in your car, or hear alerts through your Bluetooth headset or earphones on your bike.

Instant membership to the comprehensive Trinity database – verified fixed camera and stored mobile site alerts. Our Trinity database already includes static speed and red light cameras, point to point speed cameras, safety locations, stored mobile sites, school and park zones and is an integral part of our parent company, Cheetah, as well as being licensed to a number of other manufacturers for use in their products.

Global coverage – goes where you go. Our TagAcam community is worldwide. Our global database is verified by the Trinity team who also communicate directly with agencies such as local police departments and governments across the world.

Amazing value – for just £1.50 | $2 | €2 a month you’ll get all TagAcam’s features and benefits. Just download TagAcam from the Play Store (currently in beta testing) so you can ride aware and avoid speeding tickets.

TagAcam features

Multi directional alerts
TagAcam gives multi-directional camera alerts. It will let you know if the camera up ahead could issue a fine or if you should just pay extra attention to potentially dangerous cross traffic (that the camera was installed to prevent).

Micro alerts
TagAcam can give additional enhanced voice descriptions to help you pinpoint the exact alert location, which makes audio warnings much easier to understand.

Safety alerts
Cameras are often placed to modify driver behaviour at dangerous spots. TagAcam optionally gives you a comprehensive range of safety reminders as you approach cameras from non enforced directions, as well as our expanding coverage of known accident hot spots and dangerous curves, so you can concentrate on driving safely.

Individually configurable types of alert

•   Live mobile traps
•   Speed cameras
•   Highway cameras
•   Red light cameras
•   Average speed / Point to point
•   Average speed exits
•   Cameras in tunnel
•   Stored mobile sites
•   Personal locations
•   Safety locations
•   Information points
•   School zones **
•   Non-ticketing cameras
•   Opposite direction alerts
** School zones is a new feature currently in Beta testing. School zone warnings are not available for all regions.

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